La nostra auxiliar de conversa, la Charlotte.

When the Conversation Assistant Programme advertised itself as “an experience of a lifetime”, they were not lying. I have been in Catalonia for 4 weeks and I have already experienced more than I could have wished for. Arriving on carnival weekend was absolutely fantastic. I was hit with culture through dance, music and confetti all in the beautiful streets of Reus. I could not have asked for a more spectacular welcome, that instantly trampled any worries I had.


Living with a host family has been a wonderful opportunity. My host mum is a teacher at the same school and my next host family have students, at the school. By the time my first few days were over I already felt like a member of the family, laughing and joking everyday. Every evening, over dinner, we discuss many things from our day at school to cultural differences we find funny and interesting. I help them with their English vocabulary and pronunciation and they return the favour by helping me with Spanish and Catalan. The family were very welcoming and friendly that I felt comfortable with them straight away, they always give such kindness and hospitality and I feel very lucky to have been placed with a family as wonderful and lovely as this one.  I will truly miss them when I move on to my next host family, a new friendship and many unforgettable memories that I will always treasure.

 Col·legi La Presentacio, a beautiful school established by a group of nuns, caters for Pre-School, Primary and Secondary meaning one hour I am teaching idioms to a secondary class to the next hour teaching emotions to a pre-school class. Everyday is new and exciting, the students always want to learn and practice their English with me and I am often caught in the playground chatting to the primary classes. My classes are half the size of the normal classes allowing me to focus and help individual students with my lessons. I have really enjoyed teaching a wide range of ages  (ages 5-17) as it means I can create a range of diverse  lessons catering to the different ages and levels. It has provided me with the opportunity to experience  teaching different ages and develop my skills in teaching.Dibujo

 The teaching staff, at the school, are more like a little community than co-workers. Everyday they each take the time to check I am well, to suggest new places to visit and to ask me any cultural or language questions they have.

I have been fortunate enough to have  3 tutors: 1 for Pre-School, 1 for Primary and 1 for Secondary. That has been a great help as each of them provide me with constant support, whether about my lessons or teaching techniques. Not only do I have 3 tutors but the headmaster of the school has been fantastic. She picked me up from the airport, handled my Visa, assisted in opening a bank account, dealt with any paperwork, supports me professionally and personally and every weekend offers to spend the day with me exploring Catalonia. Thanks to her undying support and caring attitude, I easily settled into my host family and school.image007

This experience thus far has already granted me the memories of dancing in the street dressed as a pirate, walking along the glistening beach of Salou, celebrating my birthday in style, climbing a mountain in Picamoixons and strolling through the forested beach of Tarragona. This is not a tourist holiday, this is the wonderful life of Catalonia where I have grown professionally and as an individual and for that I am forever grateful.